Smoke and Fire Damage

smoke-and-fire-damageFrom a mishap cooking dinner, a closed damper or clogged flue on your fireplace, to actual fire damage to your property, Briggs Carpet Care of Estes Park is specialized in understanding the chemical combinations and can effectively clean and salvage most if not all belongings and structural material. Smoke is driven by heat created by flames. Wherever the fire originates, smoke can penetrate throughout the building’s structure.

Specialized odor control techniques along with specialized cleaning can return your home to pre-loss condition. Even after the fire has been extinguished, the damage can continue. Different surfaces require different techniques.

At Briggs Carpet Care we are experienced with a wide range of smoke and fire restoration techniques that have been proven to be effective in bringing your home back to how it used to be. With over 20 years of experience we're confident we can help you .

Equipment We Use

  • Ozone machines for odor control
  • Thermal Fogging for odor control
  • Hepa High efficiency particulate air cleaning units
  • Chemical/dry sponges for soot removal
  • Specialized cleaning agents for final cleaning and deodorization